OKO merges sound, body centered performance and video to talk about humanity in relation to the natural world. Performance, sound, video and installation individually are not enough to convey the troubled relationship humans have to nature. Alone these media have limited power, but combined, they can become a force that envelops the viewer within the performance. OKO is an attempt to create an enveloping environment of sound, sight and body. The voice tears out of the performer's mouth, the muscles spasm and contort. The video penetrates the eyes of the audience the sound stuns them. The viewer is pried open by the stimuli, they have no choice but to be receptive.

OKO is Aleks Slota

Previously included Robert Heim

Review of our tape from Black magazine (in German)
Future performances:

Hold tight

Video of our performance at the "Quiet Violence" sound festival and exhibition.

Web based interactive video for the song "Hoarfrost" is now up. Site design by J.E. Murphy of SCN9A.

Our album 5730±40 is out and available on tape from us or digitally from Bandcamp.

Interview with us in Black Online and a review of our tape. (in German)